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U.S. Skibob Team

Our goal is to build a team to compete in the United States as well as in the Federation Internationale de Skibob (FISB) World Cup series races and World Championships in Europe.


We encourage anyone interested to begin racing in the 'snowbike' division on NASTAR courses offered at NASTAR-participating resorts that allow skibobs. The NASTAR format allows racers of all ages and abilities to compare their race results to other competitors across the country, regardless of when and where they race, through a handicap system


Register for NASTAR and select 'US Skibob Team' as your Club Team. Then, race at your local Nastar resort. Those who qualify for the NASTAR National Championships can join us as a team in Snowmass, CO, April 2023. Read on to learn more about our coaches, athletes and volunteers. Contact Us to see how you can become a part of the action!

Did you know that the United States hosted the Skibob World Championships in Reno, NV in 1971? The U.S. National Skibob Team competed internationally in the 60's and 70's and again in 2010.


Join us today!


Our Coach

*Official F.I.S.B. World Championship Flyer 1971 Mt. Rose Reno, NV


Jacek Stalmach

Jacek Stalmach became involved with the sport of skibobbing in 1978. He is a skibob coach and ski instructor, and he trains skibob instructors. He also designs and develops skibobs in Austria. Jacek is a 4-time World Champion, 3-time silver medalist and 1-time bronze medalist at the Skibob World Championships. He coached the Austria National Skibob Team from 1998-2003 and earned the most medals in Austrian history three times. From 2003-2008, Jacek supported the U.S. Skibob Team, based in Colorado. From 2007-2012, he served as the director of the International Skibob Federation (FISB) and currently serves on its board. Jacek has a Master of Sports Science and is a metal processing engineer.


Meet the Crew


Anne Fields


Anne contracted Lyme Disease and related tick-born infections as a young adult and was unable to participate in outdoor recreation for many years. She found her passion after being introduced to Adaptive Sports Association’s winter program. She volunteers as a instructor to teach the sport to others who have illnesses or disabilities, so that it can become part of their healing journey. Anne began racing in the Nastar program’s skibike division in 2018. In 2021 and 2022, she was the only competitor (and gold medalist!) in the women’s division at the Nastar National Championships. She hopes to recruit other women to join her!  Anne is based in Durango, CO.


Drew Slootmaker

Drew Slootmaker was an avid skier and chiropractor who contracted Lyme Disease and related tick-borne infections while living on the East Coast.  He is eager to educate other abled athletes about all the fun that can be had on a skibob.  He is pursuing skibob racing and instructing so that he can spread the joy of this sport.  In addition to being a team athlete, Drew is lends his experience in web design and social media to the team. Drew lives in Durango, CO with his family.



M.K. Thompson

MK Thompson is a ski, snowboard, skibike and mono-ski and bi-ski instructor for Adaptive Sports Association in Durango, CO. MK has experience with race teams, ranging from cycling and mountain biking to skiing. She mentors our athletes by offering professional guidance on and off the slopes. In addition to teaching winter sports to people with disabilities, MK is a writer, wilderness ambassador and adventurer. Check out her new book The Art of Misadventure, Volume I, available now on Amazon.

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