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U.S. Skibob Association

Home of the U.S. National Skibob Team!


We are a passionate group dedicated to growing the sport of skibobbing in the United States. We want to share our love of this sport with everyone because it promotes health and well-being by being fun, inclusive and easy-to-learn.

Our motto, "Feel the Freedom," demonstrates the spirit of our organization. Skibobbing allows people to feel the freedom of the wind on their face. It is accessible to people with a variety of fitness levels, including those with an injury, illness or disability, by providing a stable base and quick learning curve. From the first-time beginner to the seasoned athlete, skibobbing allows everyone to have fun on the slopes!

We hope that riders of all ages and abilities will sign up for the NASTAR program. NASTAR is the largest public grassroots ski racing program in the world, and they have a 'snowbike' division! Skibob riders can experience racing at  NASTAR-participating resorts that allow skibobs and skibikes. Visit for information on how to register. See also our U.S. National Skibob Team page for more details. We want to see you there!

Board of Directors


Anne Fields



Jacek Stalmach

Vice-President and Director of Sport


Marek Sluka

Vice-President and Director of Organization & Sponsorship


Drew Slootmaker

Director of Media & Administration

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