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Clinics and Instruction

Born to Ride!

We plan to offer instructional clinics beginning in the winter 2023/2024 season for riders with and without disabilities, skibob instructors and racers. Stay tuned for more information and to register!  Clinics offered may include...

  • Instruction for Recreational Riders

  • Instruction for Adaptive Riders

  • Skibob Instructor Training (coming 2023/2024)

    • Certified Skibob Instructor​

    • Cerified Adaptive Skibob Instructor

  • Racing Camp 

Adaptive Program

Feel the freedom!

Riding a skibob is safe and easy, making it possible for people with physical and/or mental challenges.  With his "barrier-free" lessons, Coach Stalmach has experience in instructing people with...

  • musculoskeletal problems, including joint replacements

  • Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease or Cerebral Palsy

  • muscular spasticity

  • lower limb differences

  • pain, fatigue or balance problems

  • blind or visually impaired

  • incomplete and complete spinal cord injuries

  • lateral paralysis

  • cognitive challenges

  • fear and/or anxiety

  • other issues

Skibob riding is ideal for adaptive participants because,

  • it includes 7 points of support make it easy to balance.

  • Low risk of injury

  • Decreased fatigue 

  • Easy to learn

  • IT'S FUN!!!

Adaptive riders have 3 skibob designs to choose from.

1. Standard Skibob - the student starts with an instructor riding behind them to help control speed and turning with either a tether or instructor handlebar.

2. QUAN - The QUAN is equipped with two different types of foot systems that allow a rider with little to no control of their feet to ride.

3. Tandem MAD MAX is a two person skibob. An instructor or companion sits behind and steers, while the front passenger sits in front and supports the rider.


Racing School

Born to Compete!

Our first racing clinic for experienced riders will be in January 2023. Visit beautiful Durango, CO and train alongside the U.S. National Skibob Team as we prepare for our first international races. Join us in learning from Jacek Stalmach, 4-time World Champion and Europe's premier skibob coach! Dates and times to be announced. Contact us for more information.

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