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(US Residents) The Fascinating Sport of Skibobbing

(US Residents) The Fascinating Sport of Skibobbing

Written by World Champion Jacek Stalmach, this limited edition is a complete encyclopedia of skibob history and racing and a detailed, step-by-step instructional guide to the sport. With 488 pages, 650 photos and 100 practice exercises, this is the first skibob textbook to explain the history of the sport along with step-by-step exercises on how to learn and improve your skills so you can enjoy this sport for years to come! 

The english version is available exclusively at


A portion of the proceeds from each book will go to the U.S. Skibob Association.


About the Author

  • Skibobbing experience since 1978
  • 18 years World Cup Skibobbing career
  • 4-time World Champion, 3-time Vice World Champion
  • Former Head National Coach of the Austrian National Team
  • Master's degree in Sports Science
  • Metalworking engineer
  • Skibob developer and designer
  • Owner and CEO of the Skibob Academy
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    Limited Edition and English version are now available!

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